About Johai

Artist Johai

“… each of my paintings is inspired by my deep love for all human beings, for nature and the life itself. My wish is to share this love and happiness that it brings to me every day.

In my artwork I am guided by emotions, which are transformed to shapes and colours and become visible in my paintings …”


1974 born in Hanoi/Vietnam
1991 – 1997 Study of Fine Arts at the “Hanoi Arts College”,
Masters Degree – main subject: lacquer painting
1998 – 1999 Advanced practical training in lacquer painting,
attendance of courses lead by the Masters  Trinh Tuan and
Cong Quoc Ha in Hanoi
since 1999 Member of the “Hanoi Fine Arts Association” and
“Hanoi Young Artists Club”
2000 – 2005 Various exhibitions in Vietnam, occupation as designer
seit 2006 Relocation to Kronberg/Germany
Occupation as freelance artist, primarily specializing in vietnamese
lacquer painting
2008 Establishment of a friendly society for the support of children in
Vietnam affected by HIV/AIDS.
For more information please visit: www.hope-for-tomorrow.de
2009 Exhibition at the “Baring Asset Management GmbH”
in Frankfurt/Germany
Participation in the artist-symposium “Stadtzeichen”
organized by the city of Oberursel/Germany
now Artworks in private collections in France, England, USA and Australia